Starting MmogoDigital

By MmogoDigital | March 8, 2017

The Promise

Over the last few years, around 6 years ago, I made a promise to myself, which I also repeated to almost anyone who would care to listen, that I will quit working for other people and start my own company at the age of 30. And on March 9 2017, the deadline I had set for myself came to pass. I was generally prepared, because ever since I made the vow, the next logical step was of-course to get ready for that date.

All I had to do was imagine the sort of man I wanted to be when that date came, the sort of CEO I would like to be, the sort of company I would want to start, and then to become that. To read every book I had to read, to go through every experience necessary, to do any job that would teach me the skills I would need. Everything had to be in place, at-least as much as is humanly possible.

It was of-course obvious to me what sort of company it would be, at-least the industry. I fell in love with computers the first time I saw one, a long time ago in junior school. And later, when I learnt that I could actually make computers do what I want, which felt magical, and actually still does feel magical, I knew I had found my calling. There is something special about creating, to have an idea, and be able to bring it to life. We programmers feel privileged every time things come together, especially if it comes together the way we imagined it.

Years in the Wilderness

The quest for experience was interesting, years spent learning the craft at some of the best places in Southern Africa. Years of trial and error, experimenting, failing and learning. Three years working at arguably the biggest web agency in Botswana, building some of the biggest websites in the country and rising up the ranks. Then years working with Buisoft in Johannesburg remotely, where I ended up as the CTO, a position I still hold. At Buisoft I did some of my best work, learnt a ton more, and made lifelong friends that I continue to do business with up to today. I learnt a lot in all these places, both technically and business wise. Watching how companies are run up close, seeing what to do to build successful companies, and also what not to do. Seeing all the parts that go into producing great digital solutions, and all in all, it was more than worth it. All the things I learnt in these places inspired my vision for MmogoDigital, the culture for the company, and I also refined my original vision with all the things I learnt.

Why Another Web Agency?

It could be said that there are a lot of web agencies in Botswana, and when you add freelancers to the mix, the number becomes even bigger. But I think you would agree with me that the saturation is in terms of volume, not quality.
It is with this idea that MmogoDigital was born, the fact that there lacks a digital agency that consistently delivers great web products, and also gives businesses access to cutting edge digital technology. For example, who would you call today if you wanted a bot programmed for you? Or who would you turn to for an IoT application?

So the vision was to become that go to place, if you had a wild idea (and the budget), we would not rest until we helped you realize it.

There is also a form of patriotism in MmogoDigital’s mission, the idea that by building great digital products, we also make our country better. People complain a lot about the sorts of digital platforms they use locally, and the fact that our tech landscape is lacking, and MmogoDigital wants to help with all this, to do our bit.

Incidentally, we are running a program we call the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) service, wherein we are inviting anyone with a great tech idea to come out have a coffee with us, talk it over and have us build it for them, for nearly free, in exchange for equity. We would in essence become your tech team, and you handle all operations. That way, we are just as committed to making sure the business succeeds as you, and you also get the benefit of our years of experience building web products. And of course you save money on starting up, since generally quality web products are never cheap. Or you simply are an entrepreneur, who needs a website or an app, or you are looking to improve your reach on the web, do not hesitate to get in touch, and take this journey with us. Email us at [email protected]