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The Initial Idea

eButler is an internal project, that is being run by our Joburg office. eButler was our first internal project, and has been our flagship product in South Africa so far. The idea is to do grocery shopping for people, using Uber for last mile delivery.

We have found that the idea was very popular with companies that need someone to restock their office supplies, which led to the birth of eButler for business, which has accounted for most of our sales revenue so far.

Logo Design

The logo was done by a South African design firm, we wanted a simple logo that also had a cart graphic, to show our shopping roots. We had a logo before, but we found it did not truly represent the eButler brand that we had in mind. The new logo had an interesting typography, and the cart graphic we picked had a bow-tie element, that ties to the idea of a traditional butler.

Fonts Used

For eButler, we did the classic font pairing, a sans-serif font and a serif font.


For the main headings, we picked Montserrat, a beautiful sans-serif font.

Istok Web

For the body text, we settled on Istok Web. It’s a stylish and simple font that works well with blocks of text.


The design was supposed to be simple, so that the products would stand out. And the use of color had to be smart, so that product imagery would not be overwhelmed by the design. At the core, eButler is a shopping site, and shopping sites are driven by product imagery, and in a way it is easier to design. We decided that we want users to start purchasing as soon as possible, therefore the obvious thing to do was to have the products on the home page, and we decided these had to be the most popular products that other users are purchasing

Incidentally, we are working on version 2 of eButler, which is informed by all that we have learnt over the past 2 years running eButler. We love the direction its going in already, and we can’t wait to unveil it to the rest of our users.

eButler Design

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