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Praekelt Consulting - Telkom

The Client Brief

Praekelt Consulting had to redesign Telkom’s website and integrate all the microsites they previously had. To effectively achieve the new design, they needed a dedicated Content Curation team to help with Telkom’s vast products and deals on a daily basis.

The Approach

Understanding the requirements and the time sensitivity of the project, we deployed a full time team to work with Praekelt Consulting and Telkom’s product managers from the project planning phase till post launch of what is arguably the biggest & best Telecom eCommerce site in Africa. Our Content team remained with the project post launch to facilitate products and deals updates as per marketing and promotions plans of Telkom.


For this project, our work was limited to just the content. Telkom has a very complicated CMS, and has lots of products and deals that change quickly

Telkom Content

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