Web and Mobile

Bots have become mainstream now, and we want to help companies take advantage of this new communication medium. Bots are an extension of your company, they literally speak to your customers on your behalf. The bot is programmed to handle common requests and questions from your customers, and to handle these on your behalf, and therefore lessen the load on your customer support representatives.

Facebook Messenger Bots

Facebook is ubiquitous, and Facebook bots would allow your company to go where your customers already are. For example, a Facebook messenger bot can be programmed to show your customers a list of your services, the prices etc etc. For a newspaper, it could display a list of news articles, or for a cinema a list of movies that is currently showing. This happens entirely within Messenger, and your customers don’t have to call or inbox your Facebook page for this sort of information.

Twitter Bots

Twitter bots help your company interact with Twitter automatically, this is especially good for companies that need to leverage Twitter a lot. The bot can be programmed to do a number of different tasks, like replying automaticaly very time your company is mentioned on Twitter, following users, sending out promotional tweets etc.

Slack Bots

Slack is a communication tool for companies, it lets company employees chat, share documents and work together remotely. We have been using Slack internally with our Johannesburg office to work together on projects even though we are not in the same location. Slack bots accomplish a number of tasks, and are limited only by your imagination. Slack bots add more functionality to Slack itself, to allow you to use Slack better and to have it suit your company better.

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