Content Management

Web and Mobile

There is nothing more important than content for a website, or any digital product in general. Content is what drives websites and apps, and properly crafted content connects more with customers. Content must be well thought out, keeping in mind what the goals are, and also the tone of the content must conform to the overall brand strategy. Therefore our approach seeks first to establish all these factors beforehand, then come up with a content plan.

Properly written content makes all the difference, even something seemingly as basic as what words to use on buttons on the website or app make a huge difference in whether people do click on the button or not. We use our experience to drive the content on the site to be effective as much as possible.

Content Strategy Development

Each company has different content needs, and we want to pinpoint those exact needs through a series of discovery meetings. From this, we come up with what sort of content the company has to put out, the regularity, the tone etc. We also have copywriters, and therefore can write the content for the client based on the content plan we have agreed upon.

Content Marketing

Once the content has been created, it needs to be delivered and made discoverable to customers and potential customers. It can either be shared via social media platforms, shared with other websites that have an audience your business needs, or emailed out to customers. We can automate all these, and help you decide which mediums and platforms best suit each piece of content.

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