Data Analytics

Web and Mobile

The advent of big data has enabled companies to understand their customers better, to be able to build products better targeted at customers, and to also tailor products per customer. For example, if a certain customer always buys a certain product from you, then its possible to suggest certain products to that customer that go with the product they keep purchasing. The way to do this is we set up analytics for your site or app or newsletters, and by monitoring what each customer does each time, we get to help you build a profile of that customer.

In time, we make it possible for you to query this data, you could for example get a list of your customers that bought a certain product, or webt to a certain page on your site, or any other fine grained filters you want. From these lists, you can then tailor products or services to these customers.

Consumer Data Analytics

By definition, consumer data analytics helps your business use data gathered on your customers’ behaviour to be used to make decisions, by allowing you to segment your different customers, and to be able to make accurate predictions on what they might like for example. Our service offering helps you gather the data from your digital channels, and then to make sense of it, from which you can then make informed decisions.

Brand Analytics

Brand analytics help you understand how your brand stands with your customers, with regard to your digital platforms. We help you measure how well you connect with customers, by setting up measurements for key metrics that indicate how people view your brand.

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