Digital Marketing

Web and Mobile

Digital marketing is aimed at either getting customers online, or growing your brand recognition online. It is a deliberate process, which hs to be measured with proper metrics from which tweaks can be made to each campaign. There are several services we offer for this, most of them listed below.

Email Marketing

Companies need to build an email list, at every chance collect emails from customers and potential customers. This allows the company to have an audience ready every time they have a promotion, special offers, new products etc. We help companies achieve this, by setting out multiple points of collection for these emails, whether it be on your website, apps or social media channels. From here, we help set out a proper email marketing strategy, with newsletters, automated emails, email analytics etc.

Search Engine Optimization

Being searchable on Google is important, it is part of a proper inbound marketing strategy. Companies compete for keyword searches on Google, if you are a pool installation company for example, you want people who search for pool installers in your area to find you at the top of the search results, and getting to that point is a deliberate process, which we will undertake for you. There are several parts to a proper SEO strategy, and there basically are no shortcuts, in fact Google penalizes all shortcuts. A proper SEO process has to be followed, and we will use our expertise to set this out for your business.

Social Media Marketing

Social media usage in Botswana has grown very quickly over the last few years, and marketing properly on these platforms is essential for e=any company. The idea is not to do a simple Facebook post or a simple tweet, it has to be a deliberate process so your message stands out in the noise. There are several factors that are important for a successful social media marketing strategy. The tone has to match the audience, the time the post is sent out is important, the day of the week etc etc. The posts have to be relevant, leveraging current events for example, and stick in people’s minds.

Influencer Marketing

We look for influential people, and have them push out targeted social media tweets to help you sell or be found on the web. Celebrities have a lot of followers on social media, and we want to bring this audience to your company. With the right social media post, your company can have a sudden influx of users.

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