Digital Strategy

Web and Mobile

It is commonly said nowadays that every company is a technology company, in that every company needs to leverage technology to be competitive and remain relevant in its particular market. Companies that fail to do this lose out to their competitors who leverage technology. With the advent of globalism, companies now have competitors from all over the world, some of which are indeed technology first. We want to help local companies become technology first. Think of us as your CTO (Chief Technology Officer). At the most basic level, we want to come in and look at your processes and figure out a way to make them better with technology. There is a common joke within the tech industry, if you ever find yourself using an Excel spreadsheet, there is probably an app that performs the task better.

Business Analysis & Consulting

We enable companies to understand user needs, embrace new technology and get innovative products and services to market faster. We create real products and deliver measurable results. Whether companies need to reorganize talent, resources and infrastructure or build them from the ground up, our team provides pragmatic digital and operational support throughout the strategy’s implementation and execution.facilitating a series of workshops to identify opportunities, generate and prioritize ideas, and prototype and test product and service concepts.

UX & Design Sprints

Design sprints are a practise popularised by engineers at Google, which they found gets the best results in putting out great products. We undertake the same practise with our clients, to make sure we get great results. This is a great idea for existing products, for example a website revamp, or a product that needs improving.

Technical Consulting

We work with clients to ensure they have the right technical infrastructure in place, which includes systems, technology, people, skillsets and processes. We work with clients to help form partnerships or relationships with key technology vendors. To facilitate this, we can often leverage existing relationships from leading technology companies to provide unique access and perspective.

Business & Product Innovation

We work with clients to identify business opportunities, and design the products and services to meet them. We take ideas beyond concepts, using rapid prototyping, testing and iteration. This approach facilitates a connection between strategy and execution, shaped by user research, market insights and client capabilities. We collaborate with clients to build the internal capabilities required to bring a new experience to market and sustain them after introduction. Our approach surfaces development opportunities by contrasting current and required people, organization, processes, systems and technology capabilities.We identify and unlock new sources of revenue related to existing and future digital assets. Our business strategists collaborate with clients to identify underlying business opportunities (e.g., new services, captive audiences, data) and determine an optimal mix of revenue models.

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