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e-Commerce allows companies to increase their reach, to sell to customers who they normally wouldn’t be able to. It is not possible to build stores and offices in every place that customers are, and companies were forced to be strategic in picking out locations, favouring places that are densely populated. With e-commerce, it is now possible to serve customers wherever they are, even if they are beyond our borders. We have vast experience in this area, gained from years running eButler.

E-Commerce Store Development

We build e-commerce stores for our clients, either turnkey solutions or using open source solutions. At the end of the day, its all about delivering the best solution. We handle all aspects of the store development, from the store brand identity to the actual store code.

E-Commerce Consulting

Our consulting service is geared towards maximizing conversion rates and improving sales for your e-commerce platform. There are a lot of important parts to a successful e-commerce operation, and we help our customers make the best choices for their specific cases.

Cart Recovery

A lot of e-commerce stores have customers that put items in their shopping carts, and then fail to make the actual purchase for different reasons. These are solid leads, because most of the time these are people who actually want to purchase from you, and if there are no measures in place to target such customers, a lot of sales are missed out on.

Email Lists

One of the most important assets of an ecommerce store is its email list. It is so important it can actually be sold when the company folds, for tidy amounts of money too. It is important for any ecommerce service to start building an email list as soon as possible. With an email list, it is easier to sell to customers when you have new stock, promotions or special deals. We would help you set up ways to get emails from prospective clients as well as your existing customers, and help you figure out ways to use the email list to your advantage.

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