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Web and Mobile

Our approach is simple, we want first to understand your business and what it does, then understand your goals and plans, and from there we would be able to decide how to best approach your specific case. We believe all companies are unique and also have unique needs, and therefore the solutions we deliver must be tailored to each company. We think of ourselves as delivering digital solutions, and there is no way to deliver a solution if we don’t discover what problems you are trying to solve, or what goals you aim to achieve.

Below is a list of the solutions we offer under web and mobile:


A website, at its most basic is a web presence for your company, a way for people to be able to find information about your company on the web. However, we take a different approach, we don’t want to build websites just so you can be on the web, we want to help you push your business goals with your website, whatever the goals may be. Do you want more customers, then we have to create a website geared towards this. Do you want to sell directly to your customers on your website, then the website must have your products taking centre stage.


An intranet is an internal web app that you will use internally with your teams to communicate, share work, schedule meetings, share resources etc. Because every company has unique processes and policies, we set out to create an intranet that conforms to all these needs.

Mobile Apps

A lot of users now have moved to mobile, mobile phone use in Botswana is very high, and companies need to go where the users are. While websites are usable on mobile devices, a mobile app has the advantage of being tailored to the medium, and therefore it delivers a better overall experience. We build apps for any use case, whether its for internal use in a company, or to be used by customers.


USSD apps are very useful for companies that have a lot of customers without smartphones, and still need to deliver mobile experiences. We create USSD apps that fulfill your specific business case, so that none of your customers are left behind. We would handle API integrations with the major telecoms operators and deliver a USSD app to your specifications.

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